In the early days of 2007 two men called Robert and Adam have decided on making their dreams a reality. Both coming from Poland working as upholsters within Europe. They have met in UK (The city of Manchester) & Settled down in a little village called Mossley, from there they have purchased a little unit and began their work. From many humble years of working hard to attract work and gain recognition the company was at constant growth. With a big goal of creating a warm and welcoming strong independent company they have focused on providing the best service combining quality and aesthetics to each design. Having a lot of knowledge being in the market for a long time, doing what they love. Robert and Adam were working at one of the biggest companies in the industry at the time as upholsters while doing over time at their own space. With many sleepless nights they have managed to get enough work in , which gave them opportunities to employ new staff, create a team and expand their properties for more space and more possibilities .

With 5 years of hard work and dedication both men decided on thinking bigger and outside the box, now having experience and a sense of direction, having enough time to expand and buy out facilties including equipment to cover every aspect of furniture manufacturing they have agreed on being sub- contractors for leading companies within the UK, Starting with just one at the time. However providing them with plenty of work to keep busy , allowing more opportunities and chance to sharpen their skills. Now it was the perfect time to name the company,  settling on each of their Initials (PB Contract Furniture Ltd) was created. Being it a busy year for the company , they have managed to complete many impressive project and gain plenty of trust with the experience of employees and their way of building furniture , however being sub-contractors meant they could not put their company name on the projects. Looking at way to improve their turn over times and techniques to allow more precise and impressive finishes they were finally found in a place where they carried out work quickly and efficiently.

At this stage PS Contract furniture has gained a really strong foundation , receiving a lot of confidence and exposure as a team we have decided on expanding our client base further . Searching for more relations WAS THE PLAN as this will move us closer to our goals. Investing a lot of time into our advertisement , applying for BAR Magazines, updating our website to be fresh and eye catchy we have been developing on ways how to gain recognition and get acknowledged as we believe till this day, Our attention to detail & service is irreplaceable. The amount of work load coming in was amazing, with everyone being dedicated & working hard including weekends we was capable of reaching a high level in furniture manufacturing , being very grateful for PS Contract Furniture team and everyone involved as each played a big part in making a proud existence till today.  Constantly fighting Weekend after weekend for several months we was at a place where we could think bigger and move into new refreshed premisses with a warm & welcoming office built inside now our warehouse was spacious with plenty of room for more projects and fresh ideas.

After settling down in our new space, PS Contract Furniture has employed extra staff and involved more equipment needed to evolve our skills and provide more possibilities for our clients, as we are a company that works specifically with what our clients desire , we needed to make sure, we can make all the furniture in house so its made perfectly how we want it.  Meaning PS CONTRACT FURNIUTRE is stated full in house manufacturers , being prepared for all the new surprises which can come up in the industry, we started gaining recognition within the remaining sectors , we began supplying furniture not just for PUBS and BARS but for HOTELS, LEISURE PARKS, RESTAURANTS, MUSEUMS , SERVICES and plenty more .This helped us understand different purposes of furniture made for specific areas and the factors which need to be considered when creating furniture fit for purpose

With all the difficulties PS CONTRACT FURNITURE has managed to come out on top being a stronger and more professional company. These two years being the hardest yet most beneficial for us, from 2018 to 2020 our team has focused on creating as many relations as possible, Constantly looking on ways how to improve our supply chain, we have discovered more fabric suppliers,  metal work manufactures and laminate providers, which create a wider pallet of options for our clients. Every day we are growing and improving already being above our set goal of being a reliable manufacture company within the uk, we constantly strive on building a bigger client base,  which is built up from trust and work being carried out on time. Delivered professionally with constant attention to detail in mind when focusing on job completion , focusing on each individual pieces of furniture separately . Having soo much experience in the industry and having a team which built pieces of furniture that were pleasure to look at .... we are more than confident to say we are on the correct path and our work is being noticed day by day , Having an aim of providing the best service for our clients as a company we are doing this very well till this day.